Let us adopt Godly Virtues: Truthfulness, Righteousness, Contentment, Endurance

Satyugians know that truth is a spiritual power that helps in upholding what is most desirable and beneficial for keeping one’s mind in a state of balance. They also believe that truth is the only real thing that can help them keep their calm and poise even during adversity. This internal calmness helps Satyugians uphold truth in word, action and against all odds.

They love to treasure the wealth of truthfulness to become knowledgeable about everything in the universe, in the true sense. As they remain firm on the path of righteousness, it is easier for them to realize eternal truth. In Satyug, truthfulness and benevolence are of great significance, as the people of Satyug practice these virtues in their day to day life and are called virtuous.

They are also sincere, faithful, honest, perfect and law-abiding and are always appreciated, because they know that only a person of integrity can live happily and relieve others of their distress and difficulty. They are aware of the impact of falsehood and understand that if one takes the support of falsehood to achieve anything, he or she is sure to drown mid stream. That is why they always speak truth as a habit