The Humanity Development Club, an initiative of Satyug Darshan Trust, has been formed to bring out what is latent or potential in a human being by exploiting the within available natural resources to start living life in an organized manner. All would agree that taking in view the present social and moral deterioration in society as a whole, it is the paramount need of the hour that each person living on this earth must have the feelings proper to man so as to remain kind while dealing with each other. The ultimate mission to unite the human race to work for re-establishing peace on earth by leading a virtuous life will be accomplished through this club. 


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To encourage individuals, especially the youth, become humane through thorough understanding and firm adoption of God gifted human values for leading a peaceful life



To uplift humanity from its present deteriorated state, through selfless service to mankind, enabling them to firmly remain devoted to ‘Manav Dharma’ truthfully throughout their lives despite all odds.